Zal Zona Actividades Logisticas


The Port Spaces Use Plan of Motril Port, approved by Ministerial Decree on 18 June 1999, incorporated to the land space of the Port's service area, one important surface dedicated to a LOGISTIC ACTIVITIES ZONE, consisting on numerous parcels, which was property of the Port Authority of Almería-Motril at that time and other parcels of private ownership, which where acquired voluntarily or expropriated by this last one, with a total surface area of around 380.000 m2, destined for Port logistic zone.

Similarly and in anticipation with the expectations of that time on development and increase of the Port and Logistic activity in general, and also, considering the main road system infrastructure project in its connection to Motril, in particular, the N-323 (A44) and the N-340 (A7), the General Urban Development Plan of Motril, definitely approved by the Department of Public Works, dated on 19 December 2003. established a territorial development pattern, undertaking and strengthening the port-industrial condition of the adjacent area to the Port, determining two big sectors of land territorially related to, and by their use, to each other, and at the same time, with the Logistic Activities Zone of the Port of Motril:

- A Sectorised Building Land (SUS-PUE-1), Business Park, with a surface of 564,134 m2., destined to equip the municipality with a ground with the latest technologies, for the establishment of industrial and services companies, with anticipation to the development through the Compensation Urban Management System.

- A General System classified as Good Transport Centre, with a surface of 362,644 m2, with anticipation to the development and self-government management, through the expropriation urban management system and in application with the provisions of Act 5/2001, dated on 4 June, that regulates the goods transport areas in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, with the intention of establishing companies and facilities related to transport and logistics in its broader spectrum.

Port Logistic Activities Zone: has more than 380,000 m2. The Port Authority of Motril undertook in 2006 the development works corresponding to Logistic Activities Zone, establishing the basic services and supplies.


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The Port Authority of Motril has received aid from the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund for Actions for Decarbonisation in the Port of Motril, within the Program for sustainable energy development in Andalusia in the period 2017-2020, which Its objective is to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy.


The Port Authority of Motril received a grant from the European Union with charge to the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the Project for the implementation of fishermen's huts in the fishing port of Motril, which aims to promote the competitiveness of the fleet, of the products and the fishing port, improve the safety and hygiene of sea workers and develop and implement investments and innovations that optimize energy efficiency.

The Port Authority of Motril has received aid from the European Union under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the modernization project of the Motril Fish Market, which aims to modernize and develop the Motril fish market with the relocation to its interior of the companies that carry out their activity in the Fishing Port of Motril in the search to improve the working conditions and hygiene of the workers, at the same time that it is committed to the greater competitiveness of the sector as an economic engine of the coast of Granada.

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