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The quality label "Cruise Friendly", is a quality seal for all those establishments on the Tropical Coast of Granada that offer goods and services to the passengers of the cruises who disembark at the Port of Motril-Granada. This seal will be visible in every establishment that supports this program by means of a sticker, a plate or a banner.


To involve the passengers of a cruise in the cities of destination, and to help them to identify those establishments (shops, restaurants, taxis, etc.) that support this program to enjoy their services and/or products.


- Tax Free
- Tourist route by taxi
- Credit Card
- Discount campaigns in shops
- Flexible scheduling
- Free Wi-Fi connection in bars and restaurants
- Customer service in English


Every cruise passenger will receive a map.


A quality committee will check periodically that all the establishments comply with all the quality standards.


The total quality approach came up in the 1950s. Some industries developed a new concept of quality to ensure that their products comply with high standards of quality.

Many companies gradually perceived the advantages of learning how to avoid mistakes, developing systems to ensure the quality of their products.

A customer focus is necessary, because the customer will evaluate the services provided and eventually pay for them.

The modern concept of quality is defined as “the meeting of the customers’ needs and reasonable expectations at a price equal to or higher than they assign to the product or service, on the basis of the value that they received and perceived”.

We can deduct by this concept that:
• The customers are the ones who evaluate the satisfaction/price ratio
• The tourists base their judgement on expectations.


One of the most important aspects of the servicing of the customers’ needs in the destinations of the cruises is the quality of the tourist service.

We are aware that working in the tourism industry, all the products that we offer are services. These services are intangible and not storable, they are products to be produced and consumed in the same and unique moment, because they need the interactive participation of consumers and providers, so they need to meet the highest quality standards.

We can say that the quality of a service is the standard of “excellence” that a company has decided to reach to satisfy its customers’ needs. One of the goals of a company has to be to establish what is the customers’ satisfaction.

The destinations of a cruise have to bet on the human capital, on those persons who offer tourism services. The kindness in the treatment of customers, the professionalism and the customer focus will count as much as, if not more than the facilities of the establishments, shops, bars or restaurants. To meet the customers need and expectations is a duty for all the public and private professionals and entities involved in the tourism industry of the destinations.

We can evaluate the quality by quantitative factors (delays, lead times, accuracy of billing, etc.), by quality factors (aesthetic, design, kindness, care, etc.), by factors concerning the service itself (response capability to unforeseen events, complaints system, etc.), or by factors concerning personal interactions (adequate information provided, competence and expertise of the personnel, etc.).

A quality seal gives to the SMEs the opportunity to reach the same quality standards of greater companies, improving their efficiency to compete with equal possibilities in the aggressive current markets.

These companies can demonstrate their capability to provide products or services that meet the customers’ needs and the applicable rules, implementing a quality system.

There are several benefits for the companies in such this system: they can comply all the requirements demanded from an increasing number of customers, who ask for certified suppliers; they can increase their sales in the EU; they can improve their own quality systems; they can increase their documented achievements. Of course, all these benefits will build the customers’ trust in the suppliers.

This system promotes a process-based approach when the companies develop, implement and improve a quality management system, based on the classic PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

Benefits for the establishments towards the market:
• They improve the appeal of the provided products and/or services.
• They help their own development and reinforce their position.
• They gain further market shares and gain access to external markets thanks to the customers trust.

Benefits for the establishments towards the customers:
• They increase the customers’ satisfaction.
• They avoid multiple customers audits, saving costs.
• They access existing quality compliance agreements with the customers.

Benefits for the establishments in their management:
• This quality system shows clearly the points of improvement and it is an effective tool to help to keep, to improve and update the quality management system of the establishment.
• It lays the foundation of the quality management and encourages the establishment to start a continual improvement process.
• It increases the staff involvement and participation, as well as improves the management of the financial funds.

It is clear that we have to bet on training, on human resources, on human capital. This is the only way to make a difference when we have to satisfy the customers’ needs. We have to create an enjoyable work environment and organise well our resources, in order to build that image of quality that the Costa Tropical needs.

Public administration, entrepreneurs and workers have to implement continuous training and updating programs to improve the service. This is what customers expect. Only the persons involved in this effort will make a difference and our goal is to convert the Costa Tropical to a destination where you can perceive the quality of the establishments everywhere.

A happy customer is the greatest advertisement.


The final goal of our Quality Seal is to identify those establishments that guarantee our quality standards in our destinations. This program applies to all the establishments of the Costa Tropical that offer products or services to the passengers of the cruises who disembark at the Port of Motril.

Our Quality Seal program was designed after an initial request of the private sector and was developed by private and public operators.

Public entities such as the Mancomunidad de la Costa Tropical (the group of municipalities of the Costa Tropical), the Port Authority and MotrilPort undertake to edit and publish brochures, signs, etc., with maps and a list of the member establishments. This entities are committed to distribute this information material in fairs, cruises and information desks.


All the companies/tourist services providers operating in the Costa Tropical region (the 19 municipalities of the Mancomunidad de la Costa Tropical de Granada). All the companies/tourist services providers having their headquarters or at least a branch in one of these municipalities.

Requirements to join the Tourist Quality Seal of the Costa Tropical program: - To comply with current legislation to exercise the professional activity. - To exercise the activity in the Costa Tropical of Granada area and to have the headquarters or at least a branch there.

The establishments that are willing to join the program have to fill and complete the application form, in the FIRST QUARTER OF EVERY YEAR. The forms are available at the headquarters of the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa Tropical, at the headquarters of the Port Authority of Motril and at the offices of Patronato Municipal de Turismo de Motril, Salobreña y Almuñécar (Motril, Salobreña and Almuñécar Municipal Board of Tourism).

The quality seals will be awarded and delivered every April to the establishment, if the quality committee supports evidence of the compliance with the requirements after its audit.

New establishments can apply at any time out of this period and the committee will evaluate them.


• General requirements
1.- To place in a visible spot of the establishment the opening licence.
2.- To have official complaint forms at the disposal of the clients, as regulated by the Junta de Andalucía (Junta of Andalusia).
3.- To provide updated information about the establishment data.
4.- To place in a visible spot the quality seal.
5.- To enable the committee’s monitor and control activities. The committee will set the established times.
6.- To open the establishment or to let the services available when the arrival to the Costa Tropical of a cruise with at least 300 passengers is announced.

• Specific requirements:
- Transports
- Shop
- Hostelry


The Mesa de Calidad del Destino (Quality Committee of the Destination) is the entity that manages the Distintivo de Calidad Turístico de la Costa Tropical (Tourist Quality Seal of Costa Tropical). The committee is composed by the tourism specialists of Motril, Salobreña and Almuñécar, a specialist indicated by the Port Authority of Motril, a specialist indicated by the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa Tropical de Granada and a specialist indicated by the Cámara de Comercio de Motril (the Chamber of Commerce of Motril). These specialists will monitor and control the compliance of the requirements and commitments by the members of the program.

The functions of the committee are:
- To evaluate the compliance of the requirements and commitments by the members of the program.
- To inform the Consejo Mancomunado de Turismo de la Costa Tropical (the council of the tourism of the group of municipalities) about this compliance by the establishments.
- To guarantee impartial evaluations.
- To ensure the correct use of the label.
- To ensure the veracity of the data.


- The establishments must comply with all the general and specific requirements for each sector in order to be awarded with the quality seal.
- All the establishments adhered to this program will be notified by email of the arrival of a cruise, at least 15 days in advance.


- The physical seal will be delivered to the establishment by free when it will be awarded for the first time, and it will be a banner, a plate, etc., according to the needs.
- The substitution of the physical seal shall be charged to the establishment.


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