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  1. The port generates more than 2,000 employments (direct, indirect and induced).

  2. The Port of Motril has 7 commercial docks and 1 fishermen dock reaching a total sum of 3,127 linear metres for mooring.

  3. The logistic activities area represents a surface of 450,000 square metres of industrial plots for company settlement, which equals 70 football pitches.

  4. The total trade of merchandise transiting the Port of Motril reach 2 million tonnes.

  5. The port is fitted with the necessary facilities to check quality standards for vegetable products for human and animal consumption, perishable and non perishable.

  6. From the Port of Motril, there is a direct access to the Mediterranean and A44 highways.

  7. It is the only port surrounded by three airports, one of them international, at less than one hour trip. It is also the port site in Andalucia closer to Madrid and to the north-eastern area of Africa.

  8. From the Port of Motril, there are three regular sea lines to Melilla and the Moroccan cities of Nador and Al Hoceima for passengers and goods transit.

  9. Its strategic geographic location and its latest facilities place the port in the Spanish top 2 in number of passengers within the Plan for Crossing the Strait.

  10. In the Port of Motril 242 cruise ships have stopped from 2006 with more than 80,000 passengers on board.
    The port and the Local Councils Association have created a quality seal for all the establishments in the Costa Tropical of Granada. Cruise companies choose our port for our caring assistance and our services.

  11. In the Costa Tropical the sun shines 320 days a year and it enjoys the best temperature in Europe.

  12. Granada counts on the major and better hospital centre built up to Johannesbourg.


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The Port Authority of Motril has received aid from the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund for Actions for Decarbonisation in the Port of Motril, within the Program for sustainable energy development in Andalusia in the period 2017-2020, which Its objective is to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy.


The Port Authority of Motril received a grant from the European Union with charge to the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the Project for the implementation of fishermen's huts in the fishing port of Motril, which aims to promote the competitiveness of the fleet, of the products and the fishing port, improve the safety and hygiene of sea workers and develop and implement investments and innovations that optimize energy efficiency.

The Port Authority of Motril has received aid from the European Union under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the modernization project of the Motril Fish Market, which aims to modernize and develop the Motril fish market with the relocation to its interior of the companies that carry out their activity in the Fishing Port of Motril in the search to improve the working conditions and hygiene of the workers, at the same time that it is committed to the greater competitiveness of the sector as an economic engine of the coast of Granada.

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