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· When maintenance work needs to be done.

· When necessary to preserve the integrity, or safety of equipment, systems or Port Authority of Motril networks or those of third parties.

· When justified by company, or third party, operational reasons affecting the rendering of services of the Port Authority of Motril.

· Whenever a situation of force majeure prevails.

- Force majeure is understood to refer, but not limited, to any unforeseeable event, or event that, even though foreseeable, is unavoidable; failures in access to the web page, power supplyies cuts, damages caused by third parties or attacks on the Web site server that affect the quality of the services and for which neither the Port Authority of Motril, nor the user, are accountable for; failures in the transmission, broadcasting, storage or making available to third parties of databases and other Web site contents and problems or errors in the reception, retrieval or access to the web page, or to the services, by aforesaid third parties.


- The Port Authority of Motril may terminate the use of the Web site, without any prior notice to the user, whenever:

· It becomes aware of some unlawful activity being carried out through the services by the user.

· The user has failed to fulfil the essential obligations, and especially in case of misuse of the access code, or in the event of violating or legally attacking the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Web site, without prejudice to the exercise of any legal actions that may correspond to it in the defence of its interests.

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The Port Authority of Motril has received aid from the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund for Actions for Decarbonisation in the Port of Motril, within the Program for sustainable energy development in Andalusia in the period 2017-2020, which Its objective is to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy.


The Port Authority of Motril received a grant from the European Union with charge to the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the Project for the implementation of fishermen's huts in the fishing port of Motril, which aims to promote the competitiveness of the fleet, of the products and the fishing port, improve the safety and hygiene of sea workers and develop and implement investments and innovations that optimize energy efficiency.

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