President of Port of Motril

The newest Port of Spain has one hundred years of experience. It's been a century and the Port of Motril has been transformed, not only in its external appearance, regarding its infrastructure, but also due to the significant increase in traffic of goods, number of vessels arriving and their large tonnage. Thanks to the port, many generations in Motril have grown and developed, and its plan has been in the hands of a number of agents who contributed their knowledge and expertise to the development of the port.

A century of existence and a hopeful and exciting future, full of expectations. A challenge that will lead to one of the most important socio-economic transformations of recent times and will undoubtedly promote development and job creation.

The Port Authority of Motril, aware of the importance of this moment, does not want to live this development just in first person, but we want to deal with this new stage together with the citizens.

There were many achievements, as well as setbacks. But the most important thing is the fact that we have been strengthened by each one of these setbacks. Although this is not a coincidence; it is the consequence of counting on a community that, with wisdom, worked to achieve recognition.

The Port’s general interest includes the design of a strategy as comprehensive as possible, able to unite those companies situated in different locations of the country that, subject to environmental quality and safety standards, want to set up among us.

Nowadays, the Port of Motril has modern facilities that make intermodality possible and can respond to the challenges of the sector. Besides, there is the possibility of grow, thanks to the wide Logistic Activities Zone and its strategic position in a net of terrestrial and maritime communications. The latter consideration is not trivial if we consider that the Port of Motril is in the path that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean and, therefore, with a number of countries that export and import different goods.

In addition, we are located in the path of the products arriving from the Far East that travel through the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar to Europe. Motril has a privileged position on that crossroads, because we are only 90 miles away from the African coast, and most of shipping lines entering or leaving the Mediterranean Sea pass up to 60 miles away of our coastline.

Francisco J. Álvarez de la Chica: President

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