Notice about new coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information for travelers arriving from affected areas

Regarding the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), if you are travelling from affected areas, UPON ARRIVAL IN SPAIN please keep the following recommendations in mind:

  •     - If you don't have any symptoms you can go about your daily life (family, work, leisre and/or scholarly).

  •     - Monitor your health for the following 14 days after arriving from affected areas.

  •     - If during that period of time you develop symptoms of acute respiratory infection; such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, stay at home/accommodation anddial 112 and inform of your recent trip and symptoms.

For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Health:

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The Port Authority of Motril has received aid from the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund for Actions for Decarbonisation in the Port of Motril, within the Program for sustainable energy development in Andalusia in the period 2017-2020, which Its objective is to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy.


The Port Authority of Motril received a grant from the European Union with charge to the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the Project for the implementation of fishermen's huts in the fishing port of Motril, which aims to promote the competitiveness of the fleet, of the products and the fishing port, improve the safety and hygiene of sea workers and develop and implement investments and innovations that optimize energy efficiency.

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